Download the Presentation on Data-Driven Tool Control Architectures

Data-Driven Architecture Presentation

Learn the benefits of an ideal Data-Driven Tool Control Architectures from Cimetrix and Axcelis Technologies.

Data-Driven Tool Control Architectures with Cimetrix & Axcelis Technologies

Data requirements for semiconductor manufacturing equipment have increased dramatically over the past decade. Factories are not only demanding higher quality and quantity of data, but are also requiring data storage and access on and off the tool.  Investments and guidelines provided by industry organizations have also focused on improving yield and data management in an effort to optimize factory productivity and efficiency.  Unfortunately, most of the existing equipment control software was developed prior to these new requirements and demands.

The presentation explores:

  • Market needs for creating a data-driven tool control architecture
  • Results of an 18 month software Joint Development Project between Cimetrix and Axcelis Technologies
  • Integration challenges including compatibility between old and new technology, distributing information across multiple computers and operating systems, and accessing data from a wide variety of sources.
  • High Demand rate for data
  • Increasing GUI sophistication and e-diagnostic capabilties

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