Software to Implement GEM (SECS/GEM) Communication

Cimetrix CIMConnect implements GEM (SECS/GEM)

The Cimetrix CIMConnect™ software toolkit provides libraries, sample applications, testing tools, and a GEM Manual template for developing and deploying communication interfaces on manufacturing equipment. The CIMConnect architecture supports the SEMI E30 (SECS/GEM), the SEMI PV2 standard, the SEMI HB4 (HB-LED ECI) standard and the SEMI A3 standard (PCBECI), as well as multiple independent host interfaces with a generic communication abstraction layer.

The CIMConnect toolkit offers:

  • Support for multiple host connections, reducing development time while improving quality
  • The CIMConnect Control Panel is a GUI tool for dynamically configuring, monitoring, and testing equipment interfaces
  • Fully functional GEM communication out-of-the-box
  • Automatic handling for many standard GEM messages
  • Dynamic configuration capability
  • Support for SEMI E173 SECS Message Notation (SMN)
  • Generates an E172 SECS Equipment Data Dictionary 
  • A framework for implementing the SEMI GEM300 standard using another Cimetrix product, the CIM300™ toolkit
  • Testing software - Cimetrix EquipmentTest™ 

SECS/GEM implementation is easier and more cost-effective to deploy on entire equipment families

CIMConnect Architecture

2024_CMTXPDF_CIMConnect_Diagram_v8Microsoft Windows 10 compatibleCIMConnect is unique due to its dynamic configuration; making it much easier for you to deploy on variations of equipment types as well as more cost-effective to support entire equipment families. The toolkit offers sample applications to give your team a jumpstart on the development process and is just one of the reasons CIMConnect is so simple to use (see examples here). Our CIMConnect Control Panel provides real-time insight into the GEM interface for diagnostics, testing, and simulation, which helps in development and deployment. SMN brings the convenience of XML for both designing and using the GEM interface.

Cimetrix is Available to Support Your Project

When you use a Cimetrix product, our goal is to allow you to control your own destiny. You get our dedicated, passionate support throughout the entire development process. We recommend product training to get your team up to speed quickly. If needed, we also have engineering personnel to work with you on project planning, engineering design, and initial deployment. 

Supported Industry Standards

  • SEMi E4 SECS-I (Serial protocol)
  • SEMI E30 GEM
  • SEMI E37 HSMS-II (Ethernet protocol)
  • SEMI PV2 07-09 (PVECI)
  • SEMI E173 - SECS Message Notation (SMN)
  • SEMI E172- Specification for SECS Equipment Data Dictionary (SEDD)