Quality Client Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best-in-class support and training in the industry. Passionately dedicated to our client's success, our team strives to help our clients effectively develop, deploy, and support their factory automation and equipment control solutions.

You have been able to quickly and efficiently guide me to solve the problems that I had encountered. I appreciate the help and hope we can continue to do business in the future.

— Scott

Cimetrix Sapience Smart Factory Platform Support

Product Support is available in a subscription service for our Smart Factory platform. The support contract covers the following:

    1. Cimetrix Sapience distribution/installation on a cloud, bare metal, or hybrid environment
    2. Cimetrix Sapience training (1 course) for the first year of subscription
    3. Ongoing Sapience support from our Solutions Engineering worldwide team

Equipment Connectivity and Control Solutions Product Support

The product support contract provides the following:

Service Offering Standard Product Support and Maintenance Agreement
Technical Support: Email INCLUDED
Technical Support: One Business Day Response Time INCLUDED
Technical Support: Online Meetings INCLUDED
Secure Online Account INCLUDED
Product Patches and Upgrades INCLUDED
Access to Current and Previous Releases INCLUDED
Product Training Material INCLUDED
Product Sample Applications INCLUDED
Standards Training Material INCLUDED
Product Maintenance for a Specific Version Purchase Separately
On-Site Services Purchase Separately
Custom Product Enhancements Purchase Separately
Expert Consulting and Engineering Services Purchase Separately


This is a good example of a support person working to understand the customer’s need and propose an available solution rather than jumping to follow the customer’s request.

— Dror

Worldwide Partners

To provide support and integration assistance local to your team, we have expert teams located world-wide to offer support when you need it. We also have a network of system integrators that are trained in our products to meet your current and ongoing needs.