Do you need help with connectivity communication standards testing?

Cimetrix EquipmentTest™ allows you to quickly validate your equipment's ability to connect to a factory control system.

2023_CMTXPDF_CIMEquipmentTest_Diagram_v8 (1)

Features of Cimetrix EquipmentTest Basic:

  • Ideal for both Smart Factories and Equipment Manufacturers to test the capabilities of an equipment's interface
  • Send/receive individual messages
  • Execute complex scenario testing
  • Create macros to send and receive groups of messages
  • Logging for all messages sent and received
  • Export Equipment-defined elements

Cimetrix EquipmentTest Pro includes all the features of EquipmentTest Basic in addition to the following:

  • Standards compliance tests (GEM, GEM300, PCBECI plug-in)
  • Develop your own custom tests (plug-ins) using standard Integrated Development Environment (.NET ) or include other Cimetrix plug-ins
  • Generates compliance statement
  • Includes protocol functional testing

We continuously maintain EquipmentTest to support the latest approved versions of industry connectivity standards, so you never have to wonder if your equipment is keeping up with the industry.