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SEMI EDA Standards Are Essential for Smart Manufacturing: What You Need to Know and Why

Speaker: Alan Weber, VP New Product Innovations, Cimetrix by PDF Solutions

As companies implement Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives on the manufacturing and test operations floor, it is now essential for these AI and machine learning applications to have rapid and easy access to the massive amount of data that is being generated. In this webinar, you will learn what needs to be done to properly leverage EDA/Interface A in your manufacturing operations, and why these steps are essential to successfully achieving your smart manufacturing goals. This webinar is the first in a two-part series.

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2021 4-7-Harnessing-power-eda-implementation-pic

Harnessing the Power of SEMI EDA Standards: Implementation Best Practices

Alan Weber; VP New Product Innovations, Cimetrix Connectivity Group, PDF Solutions
Ranjan Chatterjee; VP of Cimetrix Connectivity Group - Smart Factory, PDF Solutions

The SEMI Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA/Interface A) standards improve the performance and flexibility of communication between a factory's data collection, analysis, and application systems and the factory equipment. You will come away from this second webinar in the series understanding the EDA deployment process and some of the key solution technologies now available to realize the benefits while “future-proofing” the resulting factory systems.

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