Cimetrix Datasheets

Cimetrix HostConnect

Creating host-side applications connecting to GEM equipment

Cimetrix HostConnect™ is a software toolkit for rapidly creating host-side applications that connect to GEM (SEMI E30) equipment. It features a layered architecture to support a wide variety of host-side applications including equipment data collection, monitoring, process control, and optimization in a production manufacturing environment as well as equipment-side applications for testing the compliance of GEM implementations.


Cimetrix EDAConnect

Client-Side SEMI EDA Software Library

Cimetrix EDAConnect™ software enables semiconductor and LED fabs to gather data from precision equipment used for wafer processing and testing. This data is vital to the fabs since they can use it to identify ways to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase productivity.


Cimetrix EDATester

Integrated Solution for SEMI EDA/Interface A Compliance Testing

The newly released Cimetrix EDATester is the integrated solution that supports the broadest range of use cases in SEMI Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA/Interface A) standards compliance testing in the industry.


Cimetrix CIMConnect

SECS/GEM Interface-to-Host Communication

The award-winning CIMConnect™ software toolkit provides libraries, sample applications, testing tools, and GEM Manual template for developing and deploying communication interfaces on manufacturing equipment.


Cimetrix CIM300

Implement SEMI GEM300 Connectivity Standards

Semiconductor factories require 300mm equipment — and even some 200mm equipment — to comply with the SEMI GEM300 communication standards, as well as fab-specific scenarios. The award-winning Cimetrix CIM300™ toolkit provides a complete complement of modules to implement those standards.


Cimetrix CIMPortal Plus

Software to Implement Equipment-Side EDA/Interface A Connectivity

The CIMPortal™ Plus software toolkit provides a comprehensive equipment data acquisition (EDA) solution for equipment manufacturers. In addition, CIMPortal Plus software can be used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) who are retrofitting existing equipment.


Cimetrix CIMControlFramework

The Software Framework for Equipment Automation

CIMControlFramework™ is an equipment automation framework based on the latest Microsoft .NET technology. The CIMControlFramework equipment control solution allows OEMs to meet the supervisory control, material handling, platform and process control and factory automation requirements of the fabs.