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EDA Best Practices

The engineers at Cimetrix have been involved in all aspects of the EDA standards since the beginning and have counseled equipment suppliers and factory users alike on the best practices that enable the unique capabilities of these standards to be fully leveraged. The ideas presented in this eBook have been distilled from countless customer visits, training engagements, blog postings, presentations at industry events and technical conferences, and other sources.



EDA Applications and Benefits for Smart Manufacturing

With the adoption of the latest SEMI EDA (Equipment Data Acquisition, also known as Interface A) standards accelerating significantly over the past 18 months, it is time to highlight the applications across the industry that make the best use of these standards and the specific manufacturing benefits that result. 

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Models in Smart Manufacturing

As important as various model types have been throughout the relatively brief history of the semiconductor and electronics industries, they are increasingly an integral part of the "Smart Manufacturing" initiative that is sweeping manufacturing industries worldwide.



Implementing Equipment Control Applications using CCF

For a limited time, Cimetrix is offering this free ebook discussing Equipment Control and how the Cimetrix CIMControlFramework can help your company today.





Features and Benefits of GEM

GEM is implemented on equipment and is used by the factory to implement command and control functions. Since it is an industry standard, any GEM-compliant host software can communicate with any GEM-compliant equipment. When fully implemented on the equipment, the standards enable factory software to completely control and monitor the equipment by means of its GEM interface. These standards provide numerous benefits to both equipment manufacturers and factories. Several of these benefits are highlighted in this eBook.