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Smart Connected Equipment 


Cimetrix CIM300

CIM300 is a family of integrated products that provide the software development tools for implementing the GEM 300 SEMI standards. CIM300 is generally purchased by the semiconductor equipment supplier. It can be installed either directly onto the machine’s computer or onto a front-end computer. To implement the controlling and data gathering functionality, software developers must integrate the software with the equipment control software. 


Cimetrix CIMConnect

CIMConnect products provide an efficient, cost-effective method that enables equipment manufacturers to supply SECS/GEM communication interfaces to their customers. CIMConnect also offers the inherent ability for a single equipment to provide information to multiple host interfaces. 


Cimetrix CIMPortal Plus

CIMPortal Plus is a software product that enables equipment suppliers to implement high speed data collection for EDA, a historical database, and other applications. CIMPortal Plus primary customers are equipment suppliers that integrate the product within the equipment control system. 



Cimetrix CIMControlFramework

CIMControlFramework™ is a complete toolkit of software utilities, documentation, examples, and guidelines that enables companies to design and build equipment control software quickly for the production floor with full factory automation.



Cimetrix EDATester

The EDATester software is part of the complete Cimetrix EDA connectivity suite that supports both the equipment-side and the factory/client-side implementations of SEMI Standards.


Cimetrix EquipmentTest

Cimetrix EquipmentTest™ allows you to quickly validate your equipment's ability to connect to a factory control system.