Validated Solution for EDA/Interface A Compliance and Performance Testing

Cimetrix EDATester

The Cimetrix EDATesterTM is the integrated solution that supports the broadest range of use cases in SEMI Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA/Interface A) standards compliance testing in the industry. The benefits of using the EDATester to automate the testing/reporting process include saving valuable engineering effort and tool time, improving coverage of testing requirements, providing consistent results through a repeatable process, and achieving the “first time right” goal for interface acceptance testing in the factory.

The Cimetrix EDATester maintains a library of test configurations for the many equipment connections needed to perform your testing tasks. As such, it is suitable for use for a small number of equipment types in an OEM setting, or for testing the full range of equipment that will be delivered with EDA interfaces in the factory. An example system configuration for the latter is shown below.


There are three components of the EDA interface testing process—EDA Standards compliance testing, performance testing, and metadata model conformance testing.

Note that the EDATester supports Freeze I (1105) and Freeze II (0710) implementations of the SEMI Standards.

The Cimetrix EDATester offers the following:

  • Automates the execution of the ISMI EDA Evaluation method
  • Performance testing features that characterize the capabilities and limitations of a tool’s EDA interface
  • Detailed SOAP message logs available 
  • Summary “pass/fail” reports
  • Generation of equipment model files for running the Metadata Conformance Analyzer (MCA)

Supported EDA/Interface A Standards

  • E120 – Common Equipment Model (CEM)
  • E125 – Equipment Self Description (EqSD)
  • E132 – Client Authorization and Authentication
  • E134 – Data Collection Management
  • E164 – EDA Common Metadata