Smart Connected Factories for Industry 4.0

The Smart Factory needs Equipment Connectivity

Collecting data from equipment that implements common industry standards requires robust factory-side software. To complement Cimetrix equipment-side connectivity products, we offer software toolkits for the factory as well. These software toolkits are used to create the factory data collection infrastructure that supports defining data collection requirements, managing these across a wide range and large volume of equipment, and distributing the collected data to the factory application consumers. The toolkits below support equipment implementing the two major families of SEMI connectivity standards: SECS/GEM standards and EDA.

Cimetrix HostConnect™

The Cimetrix HostConnect™ software is an application toolkit for creating host-side applications that connect to SECS/GEM (SEMI E5/E30/E37) equipment. The Cimetrix HostConnect software is a pure .NET implementation, and works with any .NET programming language. This product enables software engineers to rapidly develop and deploy host applications for data collection, monitoring, control and optimization of SECS/GEM-compliant (or reasonable variations thereof) equipment in a production manufacturing environment. Engineering and QA personnel at the equipment manufacturers can also use Cimetrix HostConnect to test their SECS/GEM implementations before shipping their equipment to factory customers.

Cimetrix EDAConnect™

Cimetrix EDAConnect™ software enables advanced factories using the EDA (Equipment Data Acquisition) suite of SEMI standards to gather data from equipment, subsystems, and other EDA-compliant data sources. Equipment suppliers can also use EDAConnect to implement value-added maintenance and fi eld service applications to leverage the visibility and performance provided by their own implementation of the EDA standards.