CIMPortal Plus

Software to Implement Equipment-Side EDA/Interface A Connectivity

CIMPortal Plus EDA/Interface A ConnectivityThe CIMPortal™ Plus software toolkit provides a comprehensive equipment data acquisition (EDA) solution for equipment manufacturers. In addition, CIMPortal Plus software can be used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) who are retrofitting existing equipment.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes tools for designing, developing, testing, optimizing, and deploying EDA/Interface A communications that fully comply with the SEMI standards and accommodate data collection from different software and hardware platforms.

CIMPortal Plus is built upon the award-winning, industry-leading CIMPortal Plus software toolkit that has set the Interface A connectivity standard for semiconductor equipment suppliers. Cimetrix developed CIMPortal Plus specifically to help equipment makers support both versions of the EDA/Interface A standards - Freeze Version I (1105) and Freeze Version II (0710).

In addition, CIMPortal Plus supports the more recent SEMI E164 Specification for EDA Common Metadata (for an in-depth look at this topic, please view the video "E164 - EDA Common Metadata"). The E164 standard, initially approved by SEMI in mid-2012, was developed to encourage companies using Interface A connections to provide a more common representation of equipment metadata based upon the SEMI E125 Specification for Equipment Self-Description. Developers can use the Metadata Conformance Analyzer (MCA), available from SEMATECH, to validate the equipment models they generate.

Equipment suppliers use the CIMPortal Plus software to implement an EDA/Interface A factory connection in the minimum amount of time and cost. In particular, they like the many features CIMPortal Plus offers that make tool model building easier than any other solution, including an easy-to-use GUI with Visual Studio-style property windows and drop-down menus for drag-and-drop model building.

Complete EDA/Interface A Connectivity Solution

Cimetrix actively participated on the SEMI EDA Standards committee to generate industry standards, and with SEMATECH (ISMI) to develop software products for testing completed equipment EDA interfaces that facilitate data acquisition integration and improve data quality.

The CIMPortal Plus software is part of the complete Cimetrix EDA/Interface A connectivity solution that supports both the equipment-side and the client-side implementation of SEMI standards. Other Cimetrix products that support EDA/Interface A development and implementation are:

  • EDAConnect™ software to enable semiconductor and LED fabs to gather data from wafer processing and testing equipment. This data is vital for identifying opportunities to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase productivity. EDAConnect is available for purchase from Cimetrix.
  • ECCE™ Plus (Equipment Client Connection Emulator), an EDA reference client with an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface, used for testing the connection and verifying messages. Cimetrix developed the original ECCE software under contract with SEMATECH, and we have developed significant enhancements to support the testing Interface A. ECCE Plus is included with the purchase of CIMPortal Plus.

Once the EDA/Interface A solution is completed, multiple Interface A Clients implemented by the fab can simultaneously establish sessions with the CIMPortal Plus Engine, define Data Collection Plans and receive the generated Data Collection Reports. After deployment, the E132 authentication, message security and diagnostics features are configurable through the CIMPortal Administrator without the need to restart. In accordance with the SEMI EDA standards, CIMPortal Plus provides all of the features necessary so that the semiconductor fab can extend the Equipment Model with new components and metadata.

Fabs can use the EDA/Interface A data they gather for fault detection and classification (FDC), run-to-run control, equipment health monitoring, chamber/tool matching, predictive maintenance, virtual metrology, e-diagnostics, and many other equipment-related analytical applications.

Visit the CIMPortal Plus Resources page for more information.