Cimetrix CIMControlFramework™


The Software Framework for Equipment Automation

Cimetrix CIMControlFramework™ enables equipment suppliers to design and implement a high-quality tool control solution. Typical customers include precision equipment manufacturers that serve the semiconductor, PV, LED, and other electronics industries.

Equipment suppliers turn to the CIMControlFramework (CCF) platform for many different reasons:

  • They are creating new equipment and want a modular, extensible software framework that allows them to save time and development costs.
  • They are developing the next-generation control platform for existing equipment that currently may use old or unmanageable software.
  • They want to use a single equipment control solution for different products to reduce the internal training and support costs for multiple product lines.
  • They want the benefits of using a standard product from a proven software provider to get the benefits of customer support, regular updates, and product documentation.
  • They need to complete a project quickly in order to respond to market demands, and they don’t have the time or resources to develop the equipment and its dedicated control system, plus ensure that it complies with industry standards.

Download the CIMControlFramework datasheet and see for yourself how you can complete a major equipment control project while saving time and effort.

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