CIMPortal-datasheet-2020-imageCIMPortal Plus Datasheet

The CIMPortalTM Plus software toolkit provides a comprehensive equipment data acquisition (EDA) solution for equipment manufacturers. In addition, CIMPortal Plus software can be used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) who are retrofitting existing equipment.

CIMPortal Plus supports the more recent SEMI E164 Specification for EDA Common Metadata. The E164 standard, initially approved by SEMI in mid-2012, was developed to encourage companies using Interface A connections to provide a more common representation of equipment metadata based upon the SEMI E125 Specification for Equipment Self-Description. Developers can use the Metadata Conformance Analyzer (MCA), available from SEMATECH, to validate the equipment models they generate. Fabs can use the Interface A data they gather for fault detection and classification (FDC), run-to-run control, equipment health monitoring, chamber/tool matching, predictive maintenance, virtual metrology, e-diagnostics, and many other equipment-related analytical applications.

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