Cimetrix Announces New CIMPortalTM Plus Software

Major Upgrade to Interface A Standards Provide Compelling Benefits to Chip Makers

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - October 16, 2013 - Cimetrix Incorporated (OTCQB: CMXX,, a leading provider of factory automation and equipment control software solutions for the global semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, and other electronics industries, announced today the availability of the CIMPortal Plus software development kit. 

CIMPortal Plus software provides a comprehensive equipment data acquisition (EDA) solution for equipment manufacturers as well as for integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) retrofitting existing equipment. The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes tools for designing, developing, testing, optimizing, and deploying EDA/Interface A communications that fully comply with the SEMI standards and accommodates data collection from different software and hardware platforms. 

CIMPortal Plus is built upon the award winning, industry-leading CIMPortal software toolkit that has set the standard for Interface A connectivity development. Cimetrix developed CIMPortal Plus specifically to support the development of the EDA/Interface A standards - Freeze Version I (1105) and Freeze Version II (0710). In addition, CIMPortal Plus supports the more recent E164 Specification for EDA Common Metadata. The E164 standard, initially approved by SEMI in mid-2012, was developed to encourage companies using Interface A connections to provide a more common representation of equipment metadata. Developers can use the Metadata Conformance Analyzer (MCA), available from SEMATECH, to validate the equipment models they generate. 

The CIMPortal Plus software is part of the complete Cimetrix EDA/Interface A connectivity solution that supports both the equipment side and the client side implementation of SEMI standards. Along with CIMPortal Plus, Cimetrix also offers EDAConnectTM software for semiconductor manufacturers and the Equipment Client Connection Emulator (ECCE). All of these products support the development of Freeze Version I and Freeze Version II of the SEMI EDA/Interface A standards. 

"The new SEMI standards represent some major changes to the EDA/Interface A implementations," stated Dave Faulkner, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Cimetrix. "Consequently, Cimetrix made a significant investment in CIMPortal Plus, which not only supports Freeze Version II and E164 capabilities, but was also designed to help our customers make this transition from Freeze Version I implementations. 

"It is exciting to see major chip makers embrace the combination of Interface A Freeze Version II, E164, and E157. These new standards, when used together, now give chip makers the capability to determine when and how much data to collect, making the equipment data collection much more efficient. In addition, E164 has been instrumental in providing commonality of the data from different types of equipment supplied by different equipment companies, allowing chip makers to use the same data collection plans across similar equipment from different suppliers. We already have renewed interest from other semiconductor manufacturers and we believe the stage is set for wider adoption of Interface A in the industry, which will allow fabs to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs." 

Companies interested in getting more information about CIMPortal Plus and seeing a demonstration of its capabilities should contact their sales representative or distributor, or email Cimetrix at

About Cimetrix Incorporated

Cimetrix develops and supports factory automation software products for the global semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, and other electronics industries. Cimetrix factory connectivity software allows for rapid and reliable implementation of the SEMI SECS/GEMGEM 300PV2, and EDA standards. Cimetrix products can be found in virtually every 300mm semiconductor factory worldwide and include CIMControlFrameworkTMCIMConnectTMCIM300TM, and CIMPortalTM Plus. The added value of Cimetrix passionate Support and Professional Services delivers an outstanding solution for precision equipment companies worldwide.

Cimetrix is an active member of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), including the SEMI PV Group.

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