Download the Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) Version 0710 Guidance document

This document is meant to clarify and supplement the EDA standards to encourage and facilitate improvements in the quality, consistency, and completeness of the implemented EDA interfaces and the available equipment metadata.

The clarification of metadata is intended to address the completeness and organization of the equipment structure representation as well as the appropriate depth of detail needed. The latter is the more difficult and will vary from tool to tool, from user to user, and over time.

This document is expected to supplement the EDA standards as part of the specification of the EDA interface.

Also, this document includes the specification of requirements and recommendations to supplement the 0710 release of the EDA standards. These specifications are intended to apply to all current and any future implementations of the 0710 EDA interface.

The primary emphasis is improvement of the equipment metadata. However, requirements and guidance for all aspects of the EDA interface are addressed, including run-time behavior and performance.

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