ISMI EDA Evaluation Method Document

ISMI Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) Evaluation Method for the July 2010 Standards Freeze Level is a method for early and effective determination of basic equipment capabilities and performance against SEMI EDA standards and end user expectations. This document focuses on the 0710 release of the EDA standards. The evaluation method is meant to facilitate consistent evaluations of the EDA interface and to demonstrate the ability to support minimum scenarios for data collection. It should accelerate the delivery of high-quality functionality to end users before extensive production-level deployment of EDA-enabled equipment.

The method was developed by ISMI to evaluate implementations of the SEMI EDA standards. It is not an in-depth conformance test against the EDA standards. Instead, this method seeks to ensure that implementers have developed their implementations correctly and to detect significant divergence in interpreting the standards early in the commercial lifecycle. The ISMI EDA Evaluation Method document has three main purposes:

  1. Confirm that an EDA implementation adheres to SEMI standards and can perform its intended functions.
  2. Provide a rough measure of the performance of the EDA interface.
  3. Accelerate standards-conformant implementations of EDA interfaces.

Although understanding the foundation of the evaluations described is important, this document is not a tutorial on the EDA standards. Instead, references are provided.

The Cimetrix EDATester is an automated implementation of the ISMI EDA Evaluation Method document. Rather than manually executing the steps defined in the Evaluation Method document, the steps are executed in the EDATester code. Click here to find out more about the EDATester.

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