Download the Metadata Conformance Analyzer V1.2

The EDA 0710 Metadata Conformance Analyzer (MCA) analyzes and reports the condition of equipment metadata based on the SEMI E125-0710, Equipment Self-Description standard. The MCA application checks the conformance of equipment metadata to SEMI E125/E120 and to the SEMI E164-0414 Specification for EDA Common Metadata.

This application is intended to provide feedback to users and implementers of EDA equipment interfaces to help them improve the depth and quality of the equipment representation in the metadata that is provided by the equipment. Note that the MCA does not check all SEMI E125 and E164 requirements. Those that are checked are complete only to the degree feasible by the automated, offline approach taken.

Initial versions of the MCA were provided jointly by ISMI and NIST. ISMI continued development of the MCA and provides this version to align with SEMI E164. 

The EDA 0710 MCA is written in Java and uses the DROOLS rules engine. All the development tools are freely available on the Internet. The application is free, requiring no purchase of software and no licensing.

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