IPC Presents Awards to Standards Contributors

BANNOCKBURN, IL – IPC presented Committee Leadership, Special Recognition and Distinguished Committee Service Awards to individuals who made significant contributions to IPC and the industry by lending their time and expertise in the development of electronics manufacturing standards.

For their leadership of the IPC-TR-587, Conformal Coating Material and Application State of the Industry Assessment Report, Dave Hillman, Collins Aerospace; Jason Keeping, Celestica; Doug Pauls, Collins Aerospace; and Linda Woody, LWC Consulting, earned a Committee Leadership Award.

For his contributions to IPC-TR-587, a Special Recognition Award was given to Ross Wilcoxon, Collins Aerospace.

A Distinguished Committee Service Award was presented to Jim Blanche, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Ben Gumpert, Lockheed Martin Missile & Fire Control; Eric Harenburg, Boeing; Gary Latta, SAIC; Stephen Meschler, BAE Systems; Paul Zutter, US Army Aviation & Missile Command; and Dave Pinsky, Raytheon Company, for their contributions to IPC-TR-587. Eddie Hofer, Collins Aerospace, accepted a Distinguished Committee Service Award on the behalf of Collins Aerospace Engineering Co-op students who were instrumental in helping complete the report.

For their leadership of the 2-17 Connected Factory Initiative Subcommittee that developed IPC-2591, Connected factory Exchange (CFX), Marc Peo, Heller Industries; Jason Spera, Aegis Software; and Matt Kelly, IBM, earned a Committee Leadership Award.

For their contributions to IPC-2591, Michael Ford, Aegis Software; Michael Kimpton, Fuji America; Anh Ngyuen, Creative Electron; John Walls, Aegis Software; and Alexis Fouquet, Europlacer, earned a Special Recognition Award.

A Distinguished Committee Service Award was presented to Marybeth Allen, KIC; Dan Bailey, Mentor Graphics (Ireland); Tom Blaszczyk, Celestica International; Ranjan Chatterjee, Cimetrix; Michael Collier, Teledyne Leeman Labs; Michelle Gray, Aegis Software; JeongUk Jo, Hanwha Precision Machinery; Terry Liu, Huawei Technologies; Thomas Marktscheffel, ASM (Assembly Systems); Mark Ogden, ASM Assembly Systems; Matt Orlowski, TE Connectivity; Hoon Park, Parmi USA; John Pendlebury, Keysight Technologies; John Perotta, Europlacer North America; Cameron Shearon, Shearon-Consulting; Peter Wang, Huawei Technologies; Johnny Zhu, Vayo (Shanghai) Technology; Ian Barnes, TE Connectivity; Mark Bartholomew, Europlacer; Tom Bergeron, KIC; Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron; Gary Carter, ThingWeaver Solutions; Marie Cole, IBM; Rob DiMatteo, BTU International; David Fenton, Europlacer; Brent Fischthal, Koh Young Technology; Nicholas Francheteau, Europlacer; Eric Huang, Huawei Technologies; Yusaku Kono, Japan Unix; Positive Lee, Hanwha Precision Machinery; Chee Young (Gary), ViTrox Technologies; Michael Lo, Foxconn; Kristen Mattson, BTU International; Markus Moeller, Viscom; Miles Moreau, KIC; Hoa Nguyen, OK International; Petko Petkov, Tempo Automation; Tony Picciola, Fuji America; Florian Ritter, ASYS Group; Carsten Salewski, Viscom; Neaven Seo, Keysight Technologies; Simon Smith, Pillarhouse International; Bill Thomas, FlexLink Systems; Dror Trifon, Heller Industries; Marco van Oosterhout, Kulicke & Soffa Netherlands; Christopher Wimmer, Microscan Systems; and Roberto Yerba, Test Research, for their contributions to IPC-2591.

Leaders of the Committee 2-19b, Trusted Supplier Task Group that developed IPC-1791-Am1, Trusted Electronic Designer, Fabricator and Assembler Requirements, William May, NSWC Crane, and Richard Snogren, Bristlecone, received a Committee Leadership Award.

For their extraordinary contributions to IPC-1791-Am1, Peter Bigelow, IMI; Scott Bowles, L3 Fuzing and Ordnance Systems, Cincinnati; Don DuPriest, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control; Dennis Fritz, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control; Douglas Jeffery, Electrotek; Mark Kirkman, SAIC; Meredith LaBeau, Calumet Electronics; Thi Nguyen, Lockheed Martin Missile & Fire Control; Stephanie Richards, Labinal Salisbury; Marc Carter, SAIC; Chad Eckard, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control; Aman Gahoonia, Defense Microelectronics Activity; Suriyakan Kleitz, Schlumberger Well Services; Kevin Kusiak, Lockheed Martin Space Systems; Catherine Ortiz, Analytic Services; Ethan Plotkin, GDCA; David Reichert, DuPont; Douglas Schueller, AbelConn; Roger Smith, NSWC Crane; John Timler, SAIC; Stephen Tisdale, Tisdale Environmental Consulting; and Steve Vetter, NSWC Crane, received a Distinguished Committee Service Award.

For their leadership of the 2-18K, Materials and Substances Declaration for the Aerospace, Defense, HE and Other Industries Task Group that developed IPC-1754 WAM 1, Materials and Substances Declaration for Aerospace and Defense and Other Industries, Walter Jager, ECD Compliance, and Rick Shanks, Pratt & Whitney, earned a Committee Leadership Award.