RaP and RRI

In order to keep a competitive edge in today's demanding market, semiconductor wafer manufacturers must continue to improve equipment overall effectiveness/efficiency (OEE). In 2002 the Equipment Engineering Capability (EEC) Guidebook, a collaboration between ISMI and JEITA/Selete, was published. This EEC guidebook provides a set of comprehensive guidelines for Equipment Engineering Capability applications for improving equipment operations and performance. These EEC guidelines identified recipe management as a key area, and SEMI E139 Recipe and Parameter Management (RaP) was defined.

To demonstrate the advantages and true power of RaP to Semiconductor manufacturers, ISMI has sponsored a project along with Alan Weber & Associates and Cimetrix to develop a RaP Reference Implementation (RRI). This Reference implementation will be made available to approved members of the semiconductor industry for free during 2008.

What is RaP?

Recipe and Parameter Management (RaP) is a new equipment capability that makes advanced factory recipe management systems (RMS) possible. It supports critical factory system enhancements for handling, processing, and managing recipes. Here are some features and benefits of adopting RaP:

Multi-part recipe structure, eliminating recipe names
Greatly reduces the chance of using a "wrong recipe"
Reduces recipe downloads
Frees up SECS/GEM bandwidth, short equipment startup time
Recipe parameters are available on demand
No tedious negotiations and customizations expenses, no reverse-engineering of recipes for APC
Recipe header in XML format; promotes use of XML in recipe body
No "formatted" recipe, support complexity by XML
Traceable recipes and parameters
Events will be triggered for using recipe component. Secure recipe, gathers recipe information by ID.
Offer better off-tool editors
Standardize the editor to equipment interfaces. Easily connect the editor to equipment or factory RMS.

For more information, consult the following document available from ISMI: Recipe and Parameter Management (RaP) Supplier Guidance

What is the RRI?

RaP Reference Implementation (RRI) is an ISMI sponsored project for a "reference implementation" of the SEMI E139 standard. ISMI has provided its strategic direction and definition for the RRI project, and Alan Weber & Associates has developed the implementation with support from Cimetrix. RRI emulates a RaP-enabled equipment, a factory system, and/or an off-tool editor. RRI will use Cimetrix' own SECSConnect product for the SECS-II message transfers in an HSMS-SS mode.

Supported Communications Modes

  1. SECS-II (E139.2)
  2. SOAP XML (proposed E139.3)

Supported RaP Services

  • List the PDE's* that are present; return basic attributes
  • Delete specified PDE's
  • Return entire public part of recipe in native format
  • Request RaPnode to send specified PDE's
  • Ask if equipment is able to receive specified PDE's
  • Send one or a group of PDE's to a RaPnode
  • Confirm checksum or check that selected recipe or PDE is executable and well-formed
  • Given a PDE, return a list of all PDE's that would be used in its execution

* PDE — Process Definition Element, recipe component

Various Roles of RRI

  • Station controller(host), using SECS-II
  • Equipment, using SECS-II
  • Recipe editor, using SECS-II
  • Station controller(host), using SOAP XML
  • Equipment, using SOAP XML
  • Recipe editor, using SOAP XML

If you are interested in RaP/RRI, please visit the ISMI RRI website and submit a download request.