Getting Started With Cimetrix

Building a Long-Term Relationship

We understand the pressures faced in getting new equipment to market and adapting it to your different customer needs. Our Support and Consulting offerings are tuned to meet this need. We look towards building long-term relationships with our customers based upon these six key Cimetrix commitments.

Cimetrix will:
1. Remain the experts in SEMI factory connectivity standards
2. Continue to enhance our existing products and develop new products
3. Empower you to control your own destiny
4. Live the culture of passionate customer support
5. Maintain the confidentiality of your IP and your customers’ IP
6. Be successful only when you are successful shipping products

Let's get started. Along with our industry-leading products, Cimetrix offers several ways to begin using our products. We offer training classes to get engineering teams up to speed quickly, and we have customizable onsite Starter Programs that deliver training while initiating the development program. We can also mentor your team as the project continues, letting them lever our company's experience to resolve problems and overcome obstacles as they arise.

In summary, you decide the level of support you need. We are not suggesting turnkey engineering
projects, because we believe they do not put you in position to control your own destiny. However, if you believe you need a turnkey solution, let's talk about our partnerships with Cimetrix systems integrators.

Quality Customer Support

Our Quality Customer Support Team embraces the Cimetrix commitment to providing outstanding support. Standard Support contracts provide access to new software releases, patches, technical information, and assistance with Cimetrix products and applicable SEMI standards. Custom support contracts are also available that include 24/7 and on-site assistance as needed. The first year of support is included with your SDK purchase.

Once you try Cimetrix Customer Support, you will see why we have so many satisfied customers. Ask us a challenging question at Support Information Request and see how we respond.

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Cimetrix engineers have over 15 years experience helping companies develop new equipment for the semiconductor and related industries. We can provide guidance on such diverse topics as system architecture, remote diagnostics, connectivity, SEMI standards, equipment control, and Agile software development. Or we can simply augment your staff. We support design projects from the initial design process all the way through the system acceptance tests. If you need help, we are there. Our preferred starting point is a collaborative effort we call a Starter Kit or, if requirements are unknown, a short pilot project.

Our objective is to put you in position to work effectively with your demanding customers.

Cimetrix Partners

If you would prefer integration assistance local to your team, we have a network of worldwide system integrators trained in Cimetrix products that meet your current and ongoing needs. If you currently have a systems partner you trust and want to work with, we can train their personnel on Cimetrix products and get them up to speed quickly.

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