SECS/GEM Testing and Emulation

Cimetrix TESTConnect

Cimetrix TESTConnect™ is a software product for testing, emulating, and characterizing SECS/GEM interfaces. It allows the user to send and receive SECS-II messages and run message scripts. TESTConnect includes features for testing equipment SECS/GEM interfaces, testing SECS/GEM host software such as station controllers, characterizing station controller or GEM interface designs, emulating equipment behavior without the need for the actual equipment, or for emulating host SECS host software.

  • Build scripts based on operational scenarios
  • Enhance equipment characterization
  • Build scripts for both host and equipment
  • Verify station controller designs
  • Send and receive any SECS-II messages
  • Easily capture SML logs to record and analyze the SECS communication

TESTConnect provides SECS testing capability without the need for programming. The graphical user interface allows test scripts and SECS messages to be created using click, drag and drop techniques. The SEMI SECS/GEM testing software product can be used as either an equipment or host emulator. TESTConnect is designed for users with minimal programming knowledge to easily perform SECS testing or characterization. Any received SECS-II message can be dragged and dropped into the message dictionary for later use or message recognition.

Our products are supported on Microsoft software development packages and platforms, along with VMware implementations of supported platforms.

General Features

The TESTConnect interface has four main sections: Data Dictionary, Messages Dictionary, Script Dictionary, and Processes Dictionary.

Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary is a repository of data definitions that can be reused in message definitions. You can define data items in the Data Dictionary and then either drag and drop or copy and paste them into messages.

Messages Dictionary

The Message Dictionary is a repository of message structures for a specific definition.

SECS/GEM messages can be copied into the Message Dictionary and then transferred (dragged, copied or clicked) into the required step-based scripts you build and store in the Script Dictionary. A Message Dictionary must be in place before you can begin scripting in TESTConnect. SEMI E5 and GEM E30 standards files are provided. These .smd files can be used intact and dragged into the Message Dictionary for each client, or you can create other .smd files from them that are a combination of SECS Messages from the standards files and messages derived from Message Logs. Incoming SECS-II messages can be configured to send automatic reply SECS-II messages without any scripting.

Script Dictionary

The Script Dictionary is a repository for scripts, either those that have already been created, or those you are working on. Scripts can be copied from other files by drag-drop or copy-paste methods, and then edited.

Create scripts to generate a sequence of sent and received SECS-II messages. The sequence of SECS-II messages makes it simple to emulate host or equipment SECS-II functionality. It is simple to configure the script wait for particular primary messages and/or reply. A sent message can even allow for operator entry in a simple pop-up window.

Processes Dictionary

The Processes Dictionary contains one instance, that of the script you are currently running during an emulation. Scripts can be stopped, paused and resumed at any time. The interface clearly indicates the current step in the script.

SECS/GEM Equipment and Host Emulation

SECS/GEM Equipment and Host Emulation

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