Are You GEM Compliant?

Every GEM compliant equipment must include a GEM compliance statement in the documentation. The table declares not only which features are implemented, but also indicates whether or not implemented features comply to the standards. This implies that an equipment can implement a limited GEM implementation and still be considered GEM compliant. Some of the GEM features simply are not appropriate for all manufacturing equipment. If a feature is implemented, but not quite compliant, then simply document the exception. Below is a sample GEM compliance statement.

The SECS/GEM standard requires relatively few features. If a machine implements a minimum GEM interface with only the required data variables, status variables, equipment constants, and collection events then the GEM interface is only marginally useful. The GEM interface's full value is realized only when the equipment supplier provides additional machine-specific alarms, data variables, status variables, equipment constants and collection events.

GEM Compliance Statement Sample

GEM Compliance Statement
State Models

Yes  No

Yes No
Equipment Processing States Yes No
Host-Initiated S1 = F13/F14 Scenario Yes No
Event Notification Yes No
On-Line Identification Yes No
Error Messages Yes No
Documentation Yes No
Control (Operator Initiated) Yes No
Establish Communications Yes No Yes No
Dynamic Event-Report Configuration Yes No Yes No
Variable Data Collection Yes No Yes No
Trace Data Collection Yes No Yes No
Status Data Collection Yes No Yes No
Alarm Management Yes No Yes No
Remote Control Yes No Yes No
Equipment Constants Yes No Yes No
Process Program Management Yes No Yes No
Material Movement Yes No Yes No
Equipment Terminal Services Yes No Yes No
Clock Yes No Yes No
Limits Monitoring Yes No Yes No
Spooling Yes No Yes No
Control (Host-Initiated) Yes No Yes No

Note 1: Do not mark YES unless all fundamental GEM requirements are implemented and GEM Compliant.

Note 2: Additional capabilities can not be marked GEM-compliant unless the fundamental GEM requirements are GEM compliant.