Specification for Equipment Self Description (EqSD)

The SEMI Interface A, also known as Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA), standards are a collection of SEMI standards to improve and facilitate communication between IC Maker’s data gathering software applications and the factory Equipment.The E125 standard allows clients to request helpful descriptions about all information available for data gathering including the parameters (specific data, units, and types), events, exceptions, state machines, SEMI E39 data and physical configuration. All of the available information is mapped into the E120 Common Equipment Model object hierarchy. SEMI standard E125.1 Provisional Specification for SOAP Binding for Equipment Self Description (ESDS) maps the E125 standard into a specific SOAP/XML implementation.

Download the complete Cimetrix white paper on the SEMI EDA Standards.

SEMI E125 Standard Organization of Metadata

This standard allows the end-user to know information about what data can be monitored on the Equipment and the context (i.e. process chamber #1 or #2) without having to entirely rely on the Equipment's documentation. Interface A clients can implement plug-and-play methodology, automatically utilize new information immediately after an Equipment's interface is revised and implement graceful error recovery if data is unavailable unexpectedly.

E125 Equipment Metadata Manager Interface

E125 Describing Equipment Nodes

E125 defines the EquipmentMetadataManager interface with client-initiated operations to query the Equipment’s available metadata information. The equipment must implement this interface.

Operation Description
GetUnits Retrieve all available unit definition information.
GetTypeDefinitions Retrieve all available type definition information.
GetStateMachines Retrieve all available state machine information and the associated events.
GetSEMIObjTypes Retrieve all available SEMI E39 information.
GetExceptions Retrieve all available exception information.
GetEquipmentStructure Retrieve all SEMI E120 Common Equipment Model information. Each component in the Equipment structure is a node.
GetEquipmentNodeDescriptions> Retrieve one or more Equipment node descriptions including the associated state machines, SEMI E39 information, exceptions, and parameters. A parameter represents an element of data that can be gathered. Its attributes describe its meaning, how the value is changed, unit, and the type (integer, real, string, array, enumeration, or some other composite type).
GetLatestRevision Retrieve the date and time the available metadata information changed.
NotifyOnRevisions Request the Equipment to send notification when any metadata availability changes.


E125 Metadata Client Interface

E125 also defines the MetadataClient interface with an equipment-initiated operation for consuming clients. Each client must implement this interface.

Operation Description
MetadataRevised Notify the client that the Metadata in the Equipment Model has changed if NotifyOnRevisions is enabled.


Other Major SEMI EDA Standards

Download the complete Cimetrix white paper on the SEMI EDA Standards.