Equipment Data-Driven Continuous Improvement for 200mm Fabs

Expert Day: Dresden, Germany

January 21, 2016

Alan Weber, Director of New product Innovations, gave a presentation on how, even though many 200mm factories are running at full capacity, the IoT is creating additional demand for device manufactures at multiple 200mm nodes. Economic drivers for this include cost, variety, and volume. These drivers pose unique challenges for operations and automation staff. Responding to these challenges without a clear strategy results in "trail mix" system architecture.

The key message from Weber's presentation were:

  • Equipment models are useful
    • Help understand equipment and process behavior
    • Improve communication with suppliers
  • Explicit, common models are especially useful
    • Support generic applications across equipment types
    • Enable performance bench marking within/among fabs
  • Events and associated data offer untapped benefit
    • Time is the ultimate unifying concept
  • ROI should drive continuous improvement process
    • Including future application and data collection projects

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