Smarter Manufacturing with SEMI Standards: Practical Approaches for Plug-and-Play Application Integration

17th European Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing (APC|M) Conference: Dublin, Ireland

The application integration approach described in this presentation leverages the proven technologies in the core suite of GEM standards (E5 – SECS II Messages and E39 – High-Speed SECS Message Services) with the new E172 SEDD standard to provide a level of “plug and play” integration that has only been achieved to date using the latest EDA standards for equipment metadata definition (specifically, the SEMI E164 EDA Common Metadata standard). The “flatness” of the data typically defined in the GEM interface (i.e., the lists of SVIDs, CEIDs, ECs, ALIDs with no associated semantics) has been a limiting factor in automating the application integration process.

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