Programming in C# with CIMConnect

The software development work to make a GEM interface is very easy with CIMConnect. Using a simple wrapper class, you can implement a powerful GEM interface with only a few lines of code. Below are some examples of typical development. For a CIMConnect demo, or more information, click the button below.

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References the Cimetrix libraries:


Initialize CIMConnect & Load the setup file:


When done initializing, turn on the GEM interface:


How to handle collection events:

Setup file:

101=CE1,Collection event with no data variables,,
102=CE2,Collection event with data variables,,L {A DV1} {A DV2}

101=DV1,Example user defined data variable.,,DV,U4,,0,0,,,U4,
102=DV2,Example user defined data variable.,,DV,U4,,0,0,,,U4,



var dataNames = new string[] { "DV1", "DV2" };

var dataValues = new CxValue[] { new U4Value((uint)_eventCounter), new U4Value((uint)_Random.Next()) };

_CMyCimetrix.SendCollectionEventWithData(0, dataNames, dataValues, "CE2");

How to handle status variables:

Setup file:

201=SV1,Description of SV1.,,SV,F8,,0,0,F8 5.50,F8 1000.99,F8 6.22,

202=SV2,Description of SV2.,,SV,A,,0,0,,,A,

203=SV3,Description of SV3,,SV,Bo,,0,0,,,Bo,

204=SV4,Description of SV4,,SV,U4,,0,0,U4 100,U4 10000,U4 500,

205=SV5,Description of SV5,,SV,U4,,0,0,U4 100,U4 10000,U4 500,

206=SV6,Description of SV6,,SV,U4,,0,0,U4 100,U4 10000,U4 500,  

Programming, using caching

CMyCimetrix.CacheVariable("SV1", _Random.NextDouble() * 1000);

var statusDataNames = new string[3];

statusDataNames[0] = "SV2";

statusDataNames[1] = "SV3";

statusDataNames[2] = "SV4";

var statusDataValues = new CxValue[3];

statusDataValues[0] = new AValue(_Random.Next().ToString());

statusDataValues[1] = new BoValue(_currentCycle % 2 == 0);

statusDataValues[2] = new U4Value((uint)_Random.Next());

_CMyCimetrix.CacheVariables(0, statusDataNames, statusDataValues);

How to program Remote Commands. There is no work in the setup file.

var commandDescription = "Select Recipe for execution with a PPID argument.";

_CMyCimetrix._CxClientClerk.RegisterCommandHandler("PPSELECT", ref commandDescription, _CMyCimetrix);

void CMyCIMConnect_RemoteCommandHandler(object sender, CMyCimetrix.RemoteCommandArgs e)


switch (e.Command)


case "PPSELECT":

// Implementation of PPSELECT

SECS-II Message Logging is implemented using SEMI E173 standard called XML SECS-II Message Notation (SMN)

Here is a short example of what this looks like:

<SECSMessage s="1" f="13" direction="E to H" replyBit="True" txid="45" time="2019-03-07T10:57:08.630-08:00">

 <SECSMessage s="1" f="14" direction="H to E" replyBit="False" txid="45" time="2019-03-07T10:57:08.875-08:00">
      <LST />

<SECSMessage s="6" f="11" direction="E to H" replyBit="True" txid="51" time="2019-03-07T10:57:09.956-08:00">

 <SECSMessage s="6" f="12" direction="H to E" replyBit="False" txid="51" time="2019-03-07T10:57:09.980-08:00">