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New Efficient Phone System & Holiday Hours

VoIP phoneAt Cimetrix, we are always looking to improve the customer experience. We also are constantly looking for means for improving efficiency and – especially this year – cutting costs.

Well, all three of these objectives converge in our decision to implement a new phone system. We chose to go with a hosted VoIP system. Not only is this the most cost efficient option, it also allows for flexibility – integrating email, faxing, conferencing, and voice mail into one application. Internally, it allows us to more efficiently manage incoming calls, make employees more productive and reduce the wait time callers experience to be connected to their desired party.

From a customer’s perspective, this also means:

  • Since users can take their VoIP adapters everywhere, Cimetrix team members are available while traveling at the same number that you would reach them while at the office.
  • With call forwarding and call following capabilities, your single call gets routed to the desired party regardless of whether or not he/she is at the office.
  • After hours, you will be provided a dial-by-name directory so that you can leave a message for a specific Cimetrix staff member. Also, for those employees that choose to route their calls outside of normal business hours, you may be able to reach the desired individual outside of the office.

Please note that the Cimetrix main offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. However, with the new phone system in place, you will be able to dial-by-directory to leave a message for a specific employee and/or for those that have chosen to route calls to their home or cell phone, may be able to still reach specific staff members.

We hope that callers have a more pleasant experience with this new system in place and welcome any feedback. Please direct questions and comments to

and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Posted by Cimetrix on Nov 24, 2009 2:44:00 PM