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Investor Relations at Cimetrix

by Bob Reback

President and CEO

During the 2008/2009 economic downturn, Cimetrix scaled back expenses as much as possible and focused on its core business. As the economy started to recover in 2009 and the Company’s business plan gained traction, we began some limited investor relations activities during 2010. We attended a conference in New York and made our first presentation to investors. We also met with a number of investor relations firms to discuss providing investor relations services to Cimetrix. After some thorough interviews and reference checks, the company selected Darrow Associates out of New York.

Jordan Darrow has over 20 years of experience in investor relations working both in corporate environments for large, public companies, as well as with agencies handling investor relations activities for a wide variety of public companies. Darrow Associates is a boutique agency that specializes in small-caps and undervalued companies.

Cimetrix is not looking for any quick splashes or “pump and dump” stock promotions. Rather, Cimetrix chose Jordan Darrow to develop a long term investor relations strategy that communicates the Cimetrix business model and long term plan to investors. This investor relations strategy will include specific, targeted events geared towards long term institutional investors. We welcome Jordan Darrow to the Cimetrix team and look forward to his assistance in strengthening the Cimetrix brand for shareholders and investors.


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Posted by Cimetrix on Jul 8, 2011 10:28:00 AM