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台灣印刷電路板協會, TPCA (Taiwan Printed Circuit Board) Show is coming up: Will we see you there?

Posted by Michael Lee; Country Manager Taiwan on Oct 17, 2018 11:46:00 AM

Michael Lee of Cimetrix Taiwan talks about the upcoming TPCA show. Read now in Chinese or below in English.

TPCA(台灣印刷電路板協會)2018展會即將到來,我們很高興能連續第二年參展!該展將於10月24日至26日在台北南港展覽中心舉行。 TPCA展會旨在實現智能製造,因為印刷電路板行業與上游和下游的價值鏈相連。預計今年展會將有400多家參展商。





The TPCA (Taiwan Printed Circuit Board Association) 2018 show is almost here and Cimetrix is excited to be exhibiting for the second year in a row! The show will be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from October 24-26. One key theme of this year's TPCA show is the realization of Smart Manufacturing as the printed circuit board industry connects members of its value chain both upstream and downstream. More than 400 exhibitors are expected to be at the show this year.TPCA

The TPCA show brings together PCB manufacturers, SMT manufacturing and test equipment suppliers, Green environment equipment and material manufacturing industries, and suppliers of thermal-modules packaging and surface finishing equipment. 

Cimetrix is excited to be a part of this show, where we discuss how our innovative software products for Smart Manufacturing can help both the equipment suppliers and the PCB manufacturing companies

Come visit us at booth I-226 and/or request a meeting any time on our Events page!

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SEMICON Taiwan 2018 is Almost Here!

Posted by Michael Lee; Country Manager Taiwan on Aug 29, 2018 10:48:00 AM

SEMICON Taiwan 2018 is just around the corner. Read the preview now in Chinese or below in English.

semicon taiwan banner

台灣半導體展在台灣微電子生產是一個非常重要的活動。矽美科即將在下週參加此半導體展。展期將由9/5 星期三至9/7星期五,在台北南港展覽館K2760 攤位。台灣半導體提供了一個很好的機會給公司及個人交流的平台,我們非常高興看到我們的客戶及新朋友分享我們的成長。

矽美科我們的 銷售和市場部副總裁 Dave Faulkner, 將會在9月7號禮拜五SEMICON TechXPOT演講

若是你有經過我們的攤位K2760, 歡迎你跟我們的專家交流有關連線和相關的需求,我們會在現場做產品演練及介紹和告訴你們我們公司的簡介,你也可以預先來郵件預約,謝謝你。


semicon taiwan banner

SEMICON Taiwan is the premier event in Taiwan for microelectronics manufacturing and Cimetrix will be there next week! The show runs from Wednesday, September 5 through Friday, September 7, 2018 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. SEMICON Taiwan is always a great opportunity to connect with the companies and people in our industry and we are excited to see our clients, meet new people, and share the latest news of Cimetrix products and services with our Taiwan colleagues.

As the semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing industries grow, SEMICON Taiwan continues to grow as well, both in the number of people who attend and in the number of exhibitors.   This year, Cimetrix will be exhibiting as part of the Smart Manufacturing & Automation Pavilion at Booth K2760. The Smart Manufacturing Pavilion is a great place to start to understand the entire manufacturing process including Front End, Back End and PCB Assembly. Cimetrix-Dave-Faulkner-Square

Cimetrix will also have an expert talk led by Dave Faulkner, Vice President Sales and Marketing, at the SEMICON TechXPOT on Friday, September 7, and we invite you to join us there.


On the same day, at the eMDC 2018 event in Hsinchu, our EDA expert, Alan Weber, will deliver a presentation titled Smart Manufacturing Stakeholders and Their Requirements.

Stop by our booth any time to talk to our experts about your specific connectivity and control needs. We will have onsite product demonstrations as well as information about our company available. You can also schedule in advance a time to meet with us at the show by filling out a quick form with your meeting request. 

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Topics: Doing Business with Cimetrix, Events, Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

Cimetrix International, Inc., Taiwan Branch美商矽美科國際股份有限公司台灣分公司

Posted by Michael Lee; Country Manager Taiwan on Jun 14, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Michael Lee of Cimetrix announces the Taiwan Office Opening. Read now in Chinese or English.


我很榮幸在今年二月進入美商矽美科。我們和知名的半導體廠商、印刷電路板商、設備商、機器人製造商等客戶合作,而這些公司給予我們最佳的評價。矽美科帶給他們一個極為經濟、有效率和聯繫良好的方案。我們提供了CIMConnect, EDA等產品來滿足廠商不同的需求。

Cimetrix Diagram



Cimetrix International, Inc., Taiwan Branch
美商矽美科國際股份有限公司台灣分公司4F., No.301,
Sec. 2, Tiding Blvd,
Taipei 114, Taiwan, R.O.C.
中華民國台灣台北市堤頂大道二段301號4樓 114

電話: +886-926395649
聯絡人:Michael Lee

When it comes to adding product functionality, shortening delivery time, or increasing wages, smart manufacturing provides the best solution. Cimetrix provides factory automation software which increases host connectivity and equipment control for semiconductor, electronics assembly, photovoltaic, LED, and related electronics industries. Our industry-leading products focus on successful implementation of tool control and SEMI connectivity standards to enable faster time-to-market, increased customization, and decreased total cost of ownership.

I was honored to join the Cimetrix team in February earlier this year. We work with major semiconductor companies, PCB manufacturers, equipment vendors, robotics specialists and more. I was happy to know that everyone I've worked with has high praise for this company.  Cimetrix can bring their customers and clients connected products that are efficient and cost-effective. Cimetrix offers a large portfolio of products such as CIMConnect, HostConnect, and EDA to meet the various needs of their customers.

blog diagram.png

The Cimetrix International, Inc., Taiwan Branch officially opened on May 31, 2017. Thanks to all our partners and customers. We hope to continue to bring you convenient and passionate service. I am looking forward to working with all our current and future customers in Taiwan and China! 

Contact Us:
Cimetrix International, Inc., Taiwan Branch
4F., No. 301,
Sec. 2, Tiding Blvd,
Taipei 114, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Phone: +886-926395649
Contact: Michael Lee

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